Co-Host: Chainsaw Sam-E
Model/Costume Designer/Makeup Artist


My Cosplay started back in 2007. First it was just for fun then I started to want to go pro so I started making my own costumes, props, special effects etc,. Why I cosplay?  I enjoy making costumes/props/makeup dressing up and playing around and most of all is meeting new people.
Modeling just like cosplaying started with friends telling me to get into it and once I tried it I was hooked.
When I started working for the haunted house industry I audition for my career back in 2008 I started out as an actor like everyone else and as the years went by I moved up became a section leader (supervisor), acting coach, makeup artist and production designer.

She is now our beautiful co-host, home girl and the one and only Cosplay Scream Queen. Support her at

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