Cecil “Grimes” Garner talks to us about being screwed over by Space Coast Nerd Fest, in full detail. Joe Daddy is back in time for our Second Annual Fantasy Death Draft after he won the first. Joe Daddy’s 5 are (1. Fidel Castro/ 2. Steven Hawking/ 3. Muhammad Ali/ 4. Queen Elizabeth/ 5. Mel Brooks and his WILD CARD- Frankie Avalon) Chainsaw Sam-E’s 5 are (1. Kirk Douglas/ 2. Herman Wouk/ 3. Jimmy Carter/ 4. Olivia De Havilland/ 5. James Randi and her WILD CARD- Bernie Sanders) Luis’s 5 are ( 1. George Bush Sr./ 2. Zsa Zsa Gabor/ 3. Henry Kissinger/ 4. Joao Havelange/ 5. Bob Dole and his WILD CARD- Charlie Sheen. We have fun with rankings of People we wish were still alive and Stolen News with Chainsaw Sam-E. Thank you all!


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