James Fipps is a pro prop builder and cosplayer and he is a contestant on SYFY Channel’s COSPLAY MELEE. We talk the art of prop building and his time on the show. We make our earth shattering picks on the 3rd Annual Fantasy Death Draft. Thanks for Listening on WGOT 100.1 FM Gainesville, Florida and SoFloRadio.com

Listen Here- THE POW WOW SHOW #454

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Luis— 1.Prince Phillip  2.Olivia De Haviland  3.George Bush Sr.  4.Bob Dole  5.David Prowse  *Bill Cosby

Joe Daddy—1.Jerry Lewis  2.Bob Barker  3.Fats Domino  4. Pierre Cardin  5.Jimmy Carter  *Harrison Ford

Chainsaw Sam-E—1.Kirk Douglas  2.Pope Benidict  3.Vera Lynn  4.Lord Carrington  5.Queen Elizabeth  *Bill Clinton

Kayla—1.Hugh Heffner  2.Billy Graham  3.Glenn Campbell  4.Betty White  5.Hosni Mubarak  *Arnold Schwarzenegger