944195_10201346890338231_401888849_nIRON MAN 3 – Film Review- by Chris Ferrarelli
One year after Paramount struck gold with Marvel’s The Avengers, Robert Downey Jr. returns to the suit as Tony Stark and his alter-ego Iron Man. Some long awaited villains were hyped to make an appearance, and some new advancements were made with Stark’s armored suits, one of whom is named after a weapon depicted in the comics used to go after and take down Bruce Banner’s green skinned goliath. But Stark is facing some moral dilemmas; he’s trying to do good by his new love; Pepper (Gwyneth Paltrow), but he’s been experiencing nightmares that relate to his battles against the alien attack in New York, and new threats are emerging from something called “Extremis”, masterminded by a terrorist who only refers to himself as The Mandarin…..
That’s the abridged version of the story for Iron Man 3. While youngsters and kids will be drawn to the film’s action and special effects; which are quite impressive to say the least, the heart of the story got lost. What was expected to be a battle between a hero an d someone who is destined to become his sworn enemy; was dwindled down to a story about someone who wanted to be like his idol; in this case Tony Stark, and who was as brilliant as Stark is; gets shrugged off by Stark, at a point in time before he had his accident; when he was at the peak of “textbook narcissism” as described by Black Widow. From here, it becomes a tale of revenge.
Shane Black takes over the directing reigns from Jon Favreau for this movie. And while the action in this film is very good with some impressive sequences that range from an attack on Stark’s beachfront mansion, to a rescue of more than twelve people that were forced out of Air Force One, and a thrilling battle between our hero and the villain that includes some quite impressive CGI work; Overall the film was paced different that the first two Iron Man films. This is where many feel the film suffered. The big criticism or disappoint would be from the villain of the story.
When it was announced that not only IRON MAN 3 was set for a Spring/Summer 2013 release, but that the cast was going to include Sir Ben Kingsley (Academy Award Winner, Best Actor, “Gandhi”, 1982) as The Mandarin, a character known in the comics as the most hated enemy of Tony Stark/Iron Man, comic book fans rejoiced in this casting choice. But when it is revealed in the movie that the terrorist known as Mandarin was revealed to be someone less than expected; and that his terrorist activities were all staged by the real villain of the story; an entrepreneur who has a grudge against Stark. Many fans were vocal of their disappointment; not just with this plot twist but with other aspects of the story that range from Stark gaining assistance from a small boy, to the love story between Stark and Pepper; some claiming that this film was like “Spider-Man 3”, putting too much in way too soon. While the film was atop the box office in its opening weekend; reviews from critics and comic-book fans were quite harsh. Robert Downey Jr. had stated that this film was to be his last Iron Man appearance; but not his last appearance as Tony Stark……possibly hinting at something to expect for The Avengers 2 in 2015. The film will be enjoyed by small kids and children who still believe in heroes; but for some the chance for what could have been was wasted, and it left a bad taste in their mouths.
Rating: 3.0 out of 5.