KFC Toys: Transistor (test shot) Review-

KFC Toys brings another great Transformer character to life. His name is, Transistor (aka, MP Blaster) This figure, graciously provided to me by KFC Toys, is awesome. Now, don’t be shocked by the site of these pictures. My figure is only a test shot or prototype stage figure. He is an MP scaled figure and is a tad bit taller than MP Soundwave.  He is a solid design and I would expect no less from KFC Toys, they have been on a roll lately. Nice solid plastic and great amount of detail was put into this design. He has great articulation. His head swivels in all directions, shoulders, biceps, arms, hands, fingers, waist, thighs, knees and down to the feet. He has awesome pose-ability! He will come with two heads, which is a really nice sculpt. First is the one you see which is a G1 toy version and the other being a cartoon accurate version. The transformation is a true pleasure. Great engineering. Its nice and easy. Everything tabs into place, making him look nice and full with no ugly gaps. Same tape design as MP Soundwave. Deck cover ejects and you can push back the inside of the deck to make room for at least 3 cassettes, which KFC Toys also has a large variety of. A button on his back releases the cassettes one at a time. His accessories include 2 guns; very G1 accurate and 2 speaker saucers which can be tabbed to the wrist before the hand is flipped out during transformation. I found that the 2 guns also look very cool tabbed to his back, giving him a cool look from the front. The guns tab nice and tight in his hands. The boom box looks great. I hope they add more controls to the design of the radio to give it a more realistic feel, like I can plug in an earphone or raise the volume. I also would have loved some diecast on the feet to make him a tad bit heavier but he is a very stable figure. Posing him is very easy and fun. I am truly looking forward to the final product and hope to have the honor of giving you a final review on this completed Masterpiece. Great Toy! Thank you, KFC Toys!!!

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