MINIONS: Review by: Chris Ferrarelli
     With the popularity of these small individual characters that were introduced in DESPICABLE ME; ranging from toys and plush dolls to even kids (and some adults) quoting and speaking their language, it would seem that the next step would be for these cute, funny, and hilarious guys to have their own feature film. The creative team responsible for the DESPICABLE ME movies has come up with a unique story told here in MINIONS. They have created, in a sense, a prequel to DESPICABLE ME; telling the origins of how these cute, yellow creatures have been around for thousands of years; whose only mission in life is to serve the most ruthless, villainous and evil beings that ever existed. This search for the most “despicable” being to serve starts with the dinosaurs and cavemen of the Stone Age, and continues through to Dracula and the Dark Ages. The story focuses on three of the minions: Kevin, Stuart, and Bob. Each one going on this mission for different reasons. Their journey starts as they leave their icy sanctuary in the North pole and head out to find such a person. From seeing the sights and sounds of New York City circa 1968; to venturing to Orlando, Florida for a villains’ convention called Villain-Con. They seek out what appears to be the perfect person: Scarlett Overkill (voiced by Sandra Bullock). She decides to use the Minions for what would be her perfect crime: stealing the Royal Crown from Queen Elizabeth.

With an impressive voice cast that includes Michael Keaton, Allison Janney, Jon Hamm, Geoffrey Rush, and Jennifer Saunders; as well as some classic rock tracks from Aerosmith, The Doors, and The Who, this movie was a sheer delight and was absolutely funny. The fun in this movie is not so much as trying to understand these minions, but to just see them go about their life; trying to find their way in an ever-changing world. . . and having fun doing it.
RATING: 4.5 out of 5 Stars