500th Episode! We started this joke in 2009 and for some reason we are still laughing at the same crap. Our friend Jorge Rodriguez came on to talk about his bad driving. We spoke to the dynamic rock group, RōZY. Zoe and Molly Flores started when they were in 4th grade. Zoe picked up a guitar and Molly hit the drums. They had a passion to make music and eventually formed StarFlight Rocks. As their talents matured, so did their sound. They needed a bad ass bass player and they found a great one in Brandon Martinez. With their fan base growing and their talents evolving so did their name. They renamed themselves RōZY a few years back. These young, strong and empowered ladies are rocking the brains out of Texas and one day, the world. We love them and are extremely proud of their success. Check their website for more info…www.rozyofficial.com and Follow the trios success on all the social media available. Here is RōZY’s FACEBOOK PAGE ——-THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!

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