All of our listeners have heard Joe Daddy and I begging for someone to start producing backgrounds, environments and play-sets. We are very old school and want to pose our toys in front of a cool background. has stepped in and quenched our thirst for cool backgrounds. They generously sent me a new line specifically for my favorite toys, Transformers. Teletran 1 looks awesome. The stage is made of a thick cardboard with a laminated, hi res image of Teletran 1. I was blown away how great the figures look in the photos. I feel like I’m in the cartoon. They come in three sizes, small, medium and large. They currently have many backdrops for GI Joe, He-Man and TMNT on their website. All very unique but very detailed and accurate. Teletran 1 is the beginning of the Transformers line of Stages being produced as we speak. Very detailed and even comes with its own unique tiles for the floor of the Stage. I’m very impressed with these guys. Finally we have cool backgrounds for our curios of figures that where very lonely until now. I highly recommend you checking these guys out, TOYSTAGES.COM and follow them on facebook for daily updates on new stages being developed. Thank you,!

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