and Presents…TF Galaxy Radio with Proto Team members Luis and Yul. In our first episode we talk about our first Transformers love, what we loved about them and which toy was our first. Update discussion on future 3rd Party and Hasbro toys. Here is the list we discussed. 3rd Party- 1. Fansprojects LER (Dinobots) vs other 3rd Party Dinobots Planet X 2. KFC Sencho Barbossa and KFC Dia Stack 3. Fansproject Leader prime Upgrade Kit how is it compared to the other prime upgrade kits? 4. Fans Project Headmasters 5. Maketoys Utopia (metroplex) Make Toys Pandinus (scorponok) vs Perfect Effect Deathstalker 6. MMC Predaking Feral Rex vs TFC Ares Predaking 7. Maketoys Guardia Defensor vs TFC Defensor Prometheus 8. Maketoys Computron vs Warbotron Computron    Hasbro -1. Jetfire 2. Roadbuster   Thanks to, and Bens Collectables.

TFGalaxy Radio #1