Toys R Us Exclusive: Masterpiece Soundwave:

Like the giant nerd that I am I waited outside of the Toys R us next to my house in the early morning of Saturday, August 3, 2013, with the anticipation of the shipment of the TRU Masterpiece Soundwave. To my disappointment the truck was late and I was told that the shipment would not be in shelves till Sunday morning. That would not be a problem except that I would not be able to make it to the store opening this time. I went ahead with my live show appearance at COE that day with that bit of info in mind. Later on that Saturday I decided to head back to Toys R Us hoping the shipment had not been put on shelves throughout that day. Toys R Us kept their promise and the shelves remained empty. I decided to do something out of the ordinary. I found the TRU stock person I had spoken to earlier that week which told me the shipment was on the truck for Saturday. In my past jobs I have been the employee who would have no problem finding a product for a person from the stock room no matter how difficult or inconvenient. This great guy did the same for me. He went out of his way to dig out a Soundwave for me from the bottom of the shipment ( by the way, WTF is wrong with TRU in putting all the lightest boxes at the bottom of the shipment therefore damaging all the boxes! Great job asswipes!) He realized that I was not going to be able to make it Sunday and was kind enough to get mine that Saturday night. Thank you again for doing that. That is my TRU Masterpiece Soundwave adventure, now on to the review!

At first glance, the presentation of the box is absolutely gorgeous. The look and feel are very high quality. I was very surprised how light the box was knowing that this is a Masterpiece edition figure. It felt like an empty box, another hint to the TRU people that light boxes should not be at the bottom of a shipment. I love the new numbering approach (MP-02) I hope that many other Masterpiece figures are remade to continue the number sequence and reboxed in this great new look. Opening the box was a huge pain as I am crazy about being very careful about not ripping or damaging anything on this beautiful box. Here is were we get to my first complaint. On opening the box, the figure is housed in a big plastic case. The plastic looks very cheap and is very flimsy. Hasbro has much to learn about figure presentation as this looks very crappy. As you pull the tape off the sides of the plastic in order to pull the top off, all the toys in the case are loose and will fall out if not careful. Another reason to go back to a foam interior presentation as this would eliminate looseness and make the box more solid as a whole. The figure looks incredible! The attention to detail is remarkable. I wish there was a bit more diecast metal in the figure as it feels very delicate but all in all its beautiful. The cassettes and all accessories are awesome. This is a very solid figure in all. The yellow eye variation to its Japanese counterpart is a homage to the original G1 Soundwave. The Megatron gun looks very cool. The figure is super posable and articulated. TRU Masterpiece Soundwave has the detail, look and accessories which in my opinion makes it a better collectable and value than its Japanese counterpart. I highly recommend spending the $ 119.99 on it if you can find one. Keep in touch with your local Toys R Us and best of luck to you guys! :)

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