WORLD WAR Z( 2013) – Film Review by Chris Ferrarelli.

I attended the premiere last night @ Regal Sawgrass, and I was very impressed. This film had me within the first 10-15 minutes of the movie. I’d never seen a zombie film in years, although I’d seen the recent popularity of shows like AMC’s THE WALKING DEAD; so I kinda knew what to expect from this movie.

If there is a fault to this, and I might have missed it from the beginning, is the explanation of the background to Brad Pitt’s character. I couldn’t understand what his background was when dealing with situations like this, Despite this, I was impressed with how they pulled this story off. What makes this story different from other zombie tales, was the fact that when a person becomes infected and turns into a zombie, they attack like wild animals searching for their next meal. There is a moment in the film that has a sequence that seemed to have been borrowed from “Iron Man 3”; involving a scene on an airplane, where one zombie snuck on board and starts infecting some of the passengers; and the Brad Pitt character, in order to save himself and the others who aren’t infected, takes a grenade-pulls the pin- and throws it, causing the hatch to be blown and all the passengers; infected and non-infected, to be blown out of the plane. Nearly similar to the “Iron Man 3” scene involving the villains kidnapping the President on Air Force One.

The film is directed by Marc Forster (Quantum Of Solace), and he is good when it comes to action scenes; but the pacing of it was a little bit slow in the beginning after the first attack, It does pick up as the film progresses, and it hints at the possibility of a sequel.

This was a good movie, I won’t deny it. But I felt it could have been paced better.